Ted & The Hi-Fi's

Raunch and roll brawlers, acoustic bawlers, and post punk underground all find a home on this seemingly packed away memory box labeled "Almost Sentimental". McCloskey's magnifying glass approach to songwriting begs you to look closer while his knack for sucking a listener into a song within the first ten seconds has never been more refined.

Maxwell Strait

Ted McCloskey - guitar and vocals

Molly Countermine - vocals

JT Thompson - keyboards and vocals

Jack Wilkinson - drums and vocals

Rene Witzke - bass and vocals

Go Go Gadjet

A life long love of producing the hottest grooveable environments has led the five members comprising Gadjet into the open arms of EDM. A match made in heaven, for all involved. Unrivaled energy – musicianship and passion = an unforgettable evening.

The sights, sounds and energy of the hottest dance clubs in the world are brought TO you every night. The same cutting edge tracks ….. all LIVE. Bring yourself on out and experience Go Go’s magic for yourself …

The Nightcrawlers

Passionately delivered vocals, fiery-smooth guitar, raging sax, growling harp, a tight-ass rhythm section and songs that stick in your head like gum to the bottom of your shoes. The Nightcrawlers groove strikes an affinity in your soul that is undeniable and often addictive!

Locust Lane

Locust Lane started out as a couple of guys who got together to late night and started jammin'. As the beer and music flowed, so did the ideas to form a real band to play around State College. After adding a few new components and members, the band was formed. Since then, Locust Lane has played at a multitude of bars and restaurants in the downtown State College area and is continuing to grow in the music industry.